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Specializing in the home improvement industry

Our home improvement lead programs have proved to be very successful. Chat Media Solutions is proud to detail some of the forms of Home Improvement Leads and Direct Marketing Services that we can offer you.

Highly Trained Call Agents

Well spoken & educated •Friendly & positive attitude  •Engaged in your company and your workflow •Ready to provide additional information •Trained and ready to be an extention of your company

Custom niche programs to fit your needs

Rehash Programs -Inbound & Outbound  Lead Generation -Live transfer home improvement Leads -Appointment setting -Appointment Confirmation-Reviews and Referral calls - Survey Calls Etc.

Details about our services

Customer Survey Campaign

Our customer survey campaigns are made for prospect qualification. Our team speaks with the customers and asks well-defined questions to ensure good qualification of the leads. We have a team of skilled and experienced lead generation agents who can deliver optimum quality of the leads. After the completion of a survey, there is a quality control for ensuring that all aspects were achieved, with relevant data analyzed.

Inbound/Outbound Lead Campaigns

Inbound Call Center campaigns are made to obtain information, report a problem or request for assistance from the customer. Our call center agents are well prepared and trained for taking inbound services, such as customer services and support, taking orders, generating leads, technical support, appointment setting, surveys, marketing research etc. Also, dealing with customer problem escalation is getting resolved in a timely manner by an open approach to the support in the call center, and further passed for resolving if experts help needed.

Customer Service

As an integral part of a company’s value proposition, customer service includes activities which are enhancing your customer’s level of satisfaction. Along with help desk service support, customers are getting information and assistance for their inquiries about specific products or services. Our Dedicated Contact Center Specialists will demonstrate expertise and passion in every interaction they have with your customers.

We are focused on Lead Generation

Customer Rehash

Reaching beyond customer communication standards is a great win for your business. Winning them back is one those major wins and it can be done with right guidance, focus and systematic approach in communication. Surveys, for executed and canceled jobs, will provide you with valuable information. With survey statistics, you will have: A better picture of the numbers and percentages involving your products, general customer opinion of the new product or service, market feedback regarding competition. Most importantly, getting the sales department back in the home.  

Customer Confirmation Calls

Confirming the appointment 24 hours prior is critical to be sure that sale has a clear indication of their schedule for the following day.  This also reminds the prospect of the appointment ans the time expectations on the in home consultation. 

Reviews and Referral Calls

In today's buying enviroment it is very important to secure reviews.  They are the digital currency and can help to increase revenue.  85% of people state that they will not do bsuiness with a compnay that has a one or two star review online.  Our agent's are trained to secure those reviews for your company.

Live Transfer Home Improvement Leads

Our Live Transfer Home Improvement Leads are essentially live transfer calls that go straight to your contractors and/or sales staff. These are pre-qualified applicants who are actively looking for home remodeling services. The lead will be transferred directly to you and your staff from our Call Center.

Database Farming

There is revenue hiding within your current database.  Our agent's outbound to your existing customers and share information about a new offer to those that have not purchased before or set up new appointments for new products or services they may not be aware of.  

Outbound Drip Campaigns

We can provide email drip campaigns with follow up calls to schedule additional leads that have not converted.  The dual focused approach is very effective.  


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With over 25 years of combined experience in lead generation, inbound & outbound call center management, we have call center agents and digital media specialists that can suit all of your needs.